Blue Token

Digital Certificate awarded to socially responsible young entrepreneurs that want to promote a culture of care. Using the NFT technology.


About us

Blue Token is a digital certificate automatically generated on Blockchain technology. Its objective is to recognize young entrepreneurs who are genuinely interested in promoting the dignity of each human person, solidarity with the poor and vulnerable, the pursuit of the common good and concern for protection of our planet.

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This digital certificate is automatically generated by a program that scans the company's website looking for key phrases. Watch the tutorial for more information. Each certificate is issued for a calendar year, but it will always be the property of the person or company that acquires it.

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The certificate is protected with Blockchain technology, so it is original and cannot be falsified. The owner of each certificate can be consulted and verified on the Opensea website or also on the map of owners.

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full NFT badges

The Blue Token NFT is testimonial. Each element of the NFT signifies a cause that the company wants to promote. We have a list of 13 phrases that represent different social causes. These causes are represented by badges included in the NFT. It is built automatically after scanning the company's website looking for these phrases. Find out what the Blue Token NFT of your company is.